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Foreign Espionage Comes Home: It Ain't Pretty and Very Expensive

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This is as serious a Shout Out/ FYI can you hear me NOW ? as this organization has ever untaken. Foreign nations – Russia, China, Turkey and Ukraine have become unequivocal hot beds for malicious hacking at least for the last origin of ip address, and we painfully have had to take the aggressive approach to block entire countries from accessing our domains and those of our web clients.The insanity finally ended and our staff and clients have resumed an average routine once again without the headache from websites being relentlessly hacked from foreign countries.

Another aggressive security measure – no website access from proxies what-so-ever!  No exceptions! We understand the right to privacy, and it’s one thing if an individual wants to visit the dark side of the internet for whatever purpose – that’s their business!  But when individuals wish to visit a legitimate site on American soil- they must understand that they must allow legitimate identification of themselves and where they come from for security purposes – the Internet is evolving and required to adapt additional security schemes for an increasing threat monatarily and data wise, in order to exist in today’s reality.

The expense is too much for playing cat and mouse with hackers and constantly throttling down bandwidth that costs real money when it exceeds hosting plan limitations and fixing unusable client sites from malicious scripts corrupting everything imaginable to the level where the site is non-functional, and then doing this over again each and everyday became clearly insane.


Aggressive malware ...

Our daily staff meetings became dominated with server security log file review and staff reports of client site hacks and vast bandwidth abuse.  It is painful to claim our country blocks, as there are many good people in those countries whose personal needs and human rights are violated daily and are clamoring for outside information and contact – but it just could not deny our unanimous justification for our aggressive evasive and necessary country blocking action decision. This is stuff many of us have read about for a decade about the foreign hacking attempts of U.S. goverment web sites and the Pentegon and the cyber wars among nations, but it’s here at our neighbor across the street’s business website doorstep right now?

There was no obvious site access pattern to prevent having to block entire nations, except that the hacks and web robots were meticiously scanning for lax security or non-existant patches to exploit, and apparently thought there was something to benefit from hacking into the site.  We would block the hackers and they would pop up in 5 other different and new ip locations.

You have been warned!  Contact us if you seek info on how to secure your web site and have our security specilaists lock it down before it’s too late, and it becomes expensive or even worse.

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