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It's A Wonderful Life - Make it So For Leo Grand the Homeless Coder

Leo Grand the homeless coder ...

Leo Grand  is a homeless coder. The 37-year-old man was living on the streets of New York City.

Grand, who had been homeless since 2011 after he lost his job at MetLife and was priced out of his neighborhood when a high-rise went up on the next block.

Patrick-McConlogue - good samaritarian ...

Grand was approached by a young 23 year old programmer named Patrick McConlogue in mid-August with a reality choice: take $100 or take an opportunity to learn how to code , and Grand did not hesitate a second in accepting McConlogue’s offer to learn coding, and that he did – in 16 weeks.

McConlogue provided Grand with a used Chromebook laptop and a few text books. The first two months consisted of outdoor lessons conducted on the city benches near Chelsea Piers, where Grand slept.

Leo and his coding chromebook ...

At the end of this past October 2013, Grand and McConlogue received an unexpected bit of good fortune. Buoyed by an offer from McConlogue’s boss, Princeton Review founder John Katzman, the duo moved their lessons into the New York City office of Katzman’s new educational search engine company Noodle. Katzman allowed McConlogue to work with Grand on the app full time until it was completed and went live!

Leo & Patrick coding in the park ...

 Leo, The Homeless Coder – Did It… created a smartphone green energy RideShare app called Trees for Cars. “Trees for Cars” is a mobile application that aims to save the environment by helping users carpool to their destinations, and Grand programmed almost the entire thing himself from the streets of Manhattan.

Leo & Patrick on Today Show ...

“Trees for Cars is a great way to build relationships, strengthen communities, help each-other financially and energy wise, all under the umbrella of saving the environment,” Grand said in an official statement about the app.

Here’s how it works:

As a driver, simply pick a meeting address and the app will suggest nearby riders near that address. Then, each rider and driver are only connected if they choose to mutually accept the invitations. The app tracks how much CO2 was saved by the passengers who got rides with others.

Leo the homeless coder shows off smartphone app ...

Get it – Apple Store &  Google Play Store for $.99.

OMG – Embrace the compassionate side of humanity & install Leo’s app and achieve our goal of 10,000 purchases ($.99),  by Christmas…

Just do it ! … and help make A Wonderful Life starting this Christmas for Leo Grand !

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