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Internet Presence

Internet Presence is the perception by others of your interaction (where and what you do),  on the Internet. Internet swagger ! Little Web Shops provides an evaluation and consulting matrix regarding how you can maximize in a positive way your Internet Presence. This may include repairing an existing Internet Presence negatively damaging one’s success. “Planning is 95% of problem solving” … Charles Pascalar

We offer the ‘Total Internet Presence Package‘ making sure you achieve your intended online results. This means that we are more than just a web site hosting company, more than a web design company, more than a search engine optimization company – we are a company that strives to ensure your web site’s success.  Only when you succeed – we succeed !

Your website’s presence online is the new millennium’s marketing engine, and if your website is NOT an important part of your business model – IT WILL NOT SUCCEED !


Internet Presence is the perception of others of where you go and what you do on the Internet



Last century a customer was a commodity… this century the customer is an annuity over their entire lifecycle.


Customer experience management (CEM) – ‘How do I maximize the spending of this customer at this exact moment in time by providing a subliminal greatness leading to more satisfying transaction experience – that will be positively remembered?’


Brand loyalty doesn't mean much - when you can't afford it !


Sorry, “Bob  from India”, who is here to assist you… I must inform you to format your hard drive and lose all your cherished pictures of the birth of your grand children or your wedding – you’re so out of touch and a selfish distributor of misinformation (you have no earthy idea how to fix my computer… you have never fixed one – you’re reading a computer screen), along with high anxiety and with little to NO benefit to the American consumer. “Bob from India” – you never in your entire life have actually worked on ANY computer… so please leave me alone NOW, and stop wasting my time !

Bob from India only benefited the bottom line of multinational companies who outsourced off-shore to them get through the financial crisis and buy some time, while big business management in those fabulous suits and GDP sized bonuses figured out that the pervasive global economy was going to plunder the American way-of-life, without having a clue about how to honestly compete globally, much less stop the downwardly spiraling U.S. economy. Meanwhile the American consumer was pointed to the fire sale isle, stocked with cheap goods from China that weren’t suited for reliable commercialization, and usually stopped working within a short period of time.


Buying green... means sustainable living !


Forrester’s Customer Experience Index top earners have outperformed other companies in the stock market.

 American consumers have permanently changed their buying habits, according to research by several firms. Gone are the days of shopping as a pastime.

Deloitte found that 84 percent of those polled were focused on cutting spending and saving money rather than on buying into trends or purchasing favorite brands.