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3D Process

Our 3D web development process is our silent solution ! It’s been tried and true, and it’s structured for success.


3D glasses...

Large Projects

Our web design of large projects typically undertakes three phases: 3D Process – Discovery, Design & Delivery. Each phase is approved/signed off by the client before the next phase is initiated. During our website design phase, a demo website is created where the client can watch his or her site develop. This demo site is often updated daily.

Phase I. Discovery

The purpose of this phase is to review the scope of the website project and develop specifications to create the website. During the initial free consultation, many questions are asked about the client questionaire that was filled out and presented to get a though understanding of the client’s website desires and expectations of the end-product. A detailed Website Development Plan is drafted as a result of this consultation, which in effect is a written confirmation of our interpretation of client expectation. This Website Development Plan becomes the blueprint for the web site project. (If it is determined that further meetings or research are required before the Development Plan can be drafted, we charge an hourly consulting fee for this service.) Larger Website Development Plans include a Functional Specifications document, and a Technical Specifications document, along with a storyboard presenting the visual layout of the web site,

At this point a price quote/formal proposal or Statement of Work (SOW), is provided. If the scope of the web site project remains basically the same, our quoted price will not change.

Once the web project quote/Statement of Work (SOW) is accepted, a contractual agreement is signed and down payment is provided by the client.

Phase II. Design/Development/Testing

The bulk of our time is spent in this phase. In this phase, ‘wire frame’ web site mockups are produced, highlighting the major areas of the website and providing a demo user experience.
At the initial stages of this phase are when the look and feel of the site are realized. All of our designs are either completely original or approved templates of the clients choosing. At this point, a demo development website goes live and the client is able to watch the site progress on a daily basis.
Certain parts of the web site might be developing at a different rate than other parts of the web site, and also at different times. Mockups are being converted by hand into html and css and cms templates, php & javascript coding takes place, image sprites are created, database models are being created and populated, and the website gathers definitive structure.
We then begin testing the site for usability & functionality in multiple browsers and operating systems in order to find bugs and rendering errors.

Phase III. Delivery

Delivery may take place in one of three forms:
1. On-site. If hosting is provided at the client’s location, Little Web Shops would come on-site to install the website at the end-users computer workstation.
2. Remotely. If using a third-party hosting service, the site can be installed via ssh and sftp. Alternatively, the site can be installed via either VNC-over-VPN or Microsoft’s Remote Access Client.
3. On-disk. Finally, the site can be burned to a cd or dvd and subsequently installed by the client.

Final payment is expected at time of delivery.