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eCommerce or E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce), is online payment processing or selling of products or services utilizing electronic methods such as the Internet… and Little Web Shops (Denver, Colorado), designs, sets up and supports all varieties (large or small), of e-commerce check-outs.

Do you desire to be an online retailer, known to many as an e-tailer?
The three components of eCommerce essential to it’s success are:

1) Reliability

2) Ease of use

3) Secure processing

Are you ready for e-commerce?

eCommerce is changing in a most fundamental way – collection of sales tax for products (the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax initiative, or SSTI).  See U.S. Small Business Administration info here. SSTI analysis is here and the actual pending Congressional legislation under the title ‘Main Street Fairness Act” (the “Act”)’ is here and here.

What is E-Fairness?
E-Fairness does not call for new tax laws, but rather equitable enforcement of existing state tax laws. Tax laws in the 45 states that collect sales tax stipulate that when a retailer has any physical presence in the state, whether it be a retail store, warehouse, office, or sales agent, the company must collect and remit sales tax on purchases made by customers in those states. (Five states – Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon – don’t collect sales tax.)

Info to out-source (within the U.S.), online sales tax collection is here.