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Search Engine Optimization

SEO - we do it very well! SEO or Search Engine Optimization by Little Web Shops of Denver, Colorado is the organic (free) key word search preparation that manipulates web site content in order for your web site to be found better on the internet- or NOT. SEO defines your web site’s relevance.

SEO is a marketing tool for your website. SEO totally defines the relevance of your website to the product or service you offer. SEO makes your website search engine friendly for better search indexing and a higher ranked search result.


Little Web Shops now offer SEO as part of our unique ‘Total Internet Presence Package‘.  After years of partial SEO success – Little Web Shops now truly gets it! Get a fast quote for your site now.

Little Web shops NOW offers you a unique Internet perspective from our treasure trove of SEO knowledge from our 15 years in the Internet business, for your website’s successful Internet presence.

There is no middle ground with ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Either the application has all the SEO tools at it’s disposal for success, including the end-user’s approval of content rewrites and layout changes to accommodate SEO – or it simply does NOT work. There is a SEO Glossary of industry definitions here

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