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If the SEO project fails to meet expectations either because there was NOT realistic planning to begin with, or the SEO tools required were NOT all available, or the SEO project changed in the middle of the process – then SEO failure is inevitable and the SEO specialist is accused of incompetency or worse, and usually there comes with the failed project little or NO profit and the SEO specialist’s reputation is tarnished, with little chance for referral work as an unfortunate outcome. Nobody wins when this happens and everyone involved now has a very convoluted perspective from a situation that was preventable.

Competency and ethical intent does play a very big role in the web designer relationship with the end-user. If web design selection is based solely on low bid then the end result is just that with a ho hum result, and with a little luck the web design project ends without any payment holdback or name calling. Realistic expectations and knowledge rule the day!

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