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SEO Case Study

The future is so bright...

Sustainable Solutions Incorporated (SSI) approached Little Web Shops through a business referral (of a previous Little Web Shops client), to enhance their Internet Presence. SSI’s business is design & installation of renewable (solar) energy for off-grid applications.

On the short term – this meant a website makeover from the turn-of-the-century style FrontPage HTML to a new millinium WordPress CMS website dynamically driven with PHP.

After the initial consultation SSI owners Larry and Doris LeDue were convinced that this new website would fulfill the responsibility of providing then with the Central Colorado (their primary market territory), Internet Presence they felt they needed. It was a big step for the owners, as the previous maintenance of their website was dramatically different with the Microsoft FrontPage uploading of new data in comparison to the WordPress dashboard with new and more comprehensive functionality and 10,500 optional ‘plugins’.

But that’s only half of their story. SSI was NOT in a good organic search results position. In fact SSI was NOT on page #1 of Google’s organic search results for the Central Colorado region, their necessary market.

So after several discussions SSI became aware that some repositioning of data on their homepage with a more systematic association with key words and phrases was in order. What SSI did by allowing a partial re-presentation of their homepage and really focusing on their core business and market territory allowed the WordPress SEO to really work it’s magic. SSI’s marketing parameters were distinctly defined.

Everyone was delighted when the search results validated the focus given SSI’s SEO efforts. SSI was rewarded with #1 organic positioning in every one of their identified marketing strategy areas.